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Bug#12198: marked as done (timezone really off.) Bug#13267: marked as done (tell is missing from libc6) Bug#14011: marked as done (perl: illegal division by zero gives a seg fault) Bug#14121: marked as done (dpkg-source: Strange time-sensitive errors) Bug#16589: marked as done (lsearch() is badly broken) Bug#18106: marked as done (timezones: doesn't handle old US/Pacific-New setting) Bug#18663: marked as done (shellutils: date -> Fri Feb 27 12:06:18 /etc/localtime 1998) Bug#19024: marked as done (bash: cannot cope with deep directories) Bug#19140: marked as done (timezones: /etc/localtime no longer symlink after updates) Bug#20334: marked as done (<tzfile.h>?) Bug#21784: Mozilla vs. Bug #21784 Bug#22793: marked as done (glibc: glibc doesn't build with umask 077) Bug#22806: marked as done (classless delegation bug in libc) Bug#23468: marked as done (glibc missing Makefile.non.gnu) Bug#23698: marked as done (Linux-security says: Beware of dangerous enviroment (libc6)) Bug#23861: marked as done (libc6 copyright still refers to the beta prerelease) Bug#24218: marked as done (libc6: libc6 2.0.7r-3 install fails - The Sky Falls In!) Bug#24254: marked as done (libc6: libc6-2.0.7r-3 trashed my system) Bug#24807: marked as done (tzconfig problem) Bug#25334: marked as done (C declaration "struct fd_set my_fd_set;" doesn't work) Bug#27069: marked as done (There's no stdarg.h) Bug#27334: marked as done (libc6: breaks sendmail, probably problem in resolver) Bug#28234: marked as done (libc6: gcc -ansi and pthread.h) Bug#28267: marked as done (sysvinit: cyclic dependency with libc6) Bug#28569: marked as done (Patches for glibc to add proper lchown() support for Alphas) Bug#28954: marked as done (libc6: DoS fix which breaks rpc.nfsd) Bug#29102: marked as done (timezones: US/Central timezone labelled as EST, not CST) Bug#29196: marked as done (libc6: missing depends) Bug#29474: marked as done (binaries compiled on slink don't run anywhere else ) Bug#29497: marked as done (glibc: m68k lchown sanity for 2.0/2.1 compatibility) Bug#29640: marked as done (libc6 should fix its conflicts) Bug#30060: marked as done (Bad in frozen) Bug#30142: marked as done (apt: apt-get undefined symbol: __register_frame_info) Bug#30162: marked as done (libc6: should conflict with broken libstdc++2.8) Bug#30217: marked as done (/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: __register_frame_info) Bug#30395: marked as done (evil libc6 will break your system) Bug#30412: marked as done (Libc6 (slink) conflicts with dpkg) Bug#30421: marked as done ([Fixed in NMU 2.0.7u-7.1] package dependecy problems with libc in slink) Bug#31466: marked as done (patches to build glibc on m68k) Bug#31512: marked as done (timezones: strftime("%Z") prints incorrect timezone for US/Central) Bug#31550: marked as done (libc6: libc6 postinst runs 'init u' but doesn't depend on init) Bug#31595: marked as done (libc6: /lib/ has debugging info) Bug#31831: marked as done (libc6 recommends timezone which does not exist) Bug#32370: libc6: getpwent() returns each user twice when using "passwd: db files" in nsswitch Bug#32383: marked as done (ldso: trying to overwrite ldd) Bug#32801: glibc-doc not upgraded, at least recommended by libc6-dev Bug#32838: libc6: setlocale() accesses memory out of bounds Bug#32859: passwd: shadow(5) refers to shadow(3) - does not exist Bug#32903: 64bit bugfix in the RPC library Bug#32903: marked as done (64bit bugfix in the RPC library) Bug#33171: cron has gone to UTC time? Bug#33197: buffer overflows and missing NULL terminations on compat-style NIS lookups Bug#33315: exec*() familly bugs when parsing a bad $PATH Bug#33505: glibc dlerror() on dlopen() fails with long (22 char!) filename Bug#33505: Test case for bug 33505 Bug#33536: huge libc-dbg package (32MB deb, unpacks to 120+ MB) Bug#33536: huge libc-dbg package (32MB deb, unpacks to 120+ MB) Bug#33663: Debian GNU Linux 2.0 libc.h Bug#33686: libc6: wrong parsing in __ivaliduser leads to stupid DNS queries Re: Bug#33741: Timeouts do not function properly in dip_3.3.7p-2 Bug#33759: All C library functions are in the top info dir node Bug#33832: libc6: dlopen problem. causes libraries to get opened about 4x (patch included) Bug#33832: Release-critical Bugreport for February 28, 1999 Bug#33894: libc6: Problems with non-Linux NIS-servers a couple notes on the libc 2.1 packages Re: cron has gone to UTC time? Re: Debian packaging for glibc 2.0.111 dlopen bug dlopen patch glibc-2.1-3: one more little Hurd patch glibc_2.1-3: two tiny debian/rules patches glibc 2.1 packages latest glibc Hurd patches (2/2) libc6/locales dependency problem micropatch to my previous Hurd patch... pending critical debian bugs for Joel Klecker and others <> pending normal debian bugs for Dale Scheetz <> pending normal debian bugs for Joel Klecker and others <> Processed: Processed: Maintainer unknown Processed: on request of maintainer Processed: Re: Bug#32801: glibc-doc not upgraded, at least recommended by libc6-dev Processed: Re: Bug#33663: Debian GNU Linux 2.0 libc.h Solved glibc bug reports The last update was on 14:21 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 111 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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