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Automated Reply from Verwijderen <> Re: [ How to create a custom Debian unstable boot CD?] Attachment Filter Auto-reply bad sarge template/jigdo file Bug#182417: marked as done ( 3.0r1 Sparc CD on Sparc64 has incorrect SILO config) Bug#182417: Message Bug#240247: sarge testing installation from iso images cd-image french mirror Contents-i386.gz files corrupt file?? d-i powerpc for testing CD Debian -CD updates Debian DVD Debian Installer and Compaq Smart Array Controller Debian Netinst Debian, Finest medication for you! debian-cd 2217 Re: Debian-installer, older hardware, boot loaders, miboot & amiboot & .. Delivered Message ( Didn't succeed in including/exluding packages Geldverdienen gluck/cdimage/snapshot hinweis: dead link auf How to create a custom Debian unstable boot CD? Installer doesn't enter /cdrom in /etc/fstab Re: jigdo DVD support under Windows jigdo update link needed MailMonitor for Exchange has processed a suspicious mail[Scanned] Make custom minimal install CD Maxdata Pro 650X New Battery missing ISO missing ISO files Netinstall CD / Woody official Testing cd images finally available through rsync Package versions Problem with mirrors of stable .jigdo files Problem with sarge-i386-7 jigdo Problems accessing the us-cdimage site Re: problems building woody images R: Re: Your software R: unknown release 2.2.17 remove Reply to Your Recent E-Mail to Macromedia Server Seems To Be Down Sid Downloading; Error 404 Stable version of jigdo for U.S. not available.. when will it be back on line? FWD: Re: testing and no release schedule testing net install cd image translation debian cd images Unidentified subject! Up to 80 pecnert off on meedication only here, Debian. urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!! US - Non US difference. US stable r.02 not available Verification required for, protected by Viruswall hat eine bedenkliche Email erkannt / Viruswall has detected a sensitive Email (antispam_ZV(account?)) Whoops Will we have official DVD for Sarge? woody with poposed-updates on CD The last update was on 03:01 GMT Sat Jun 22. There are 101 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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