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Contents-i386.gz files

About 1/5th of the sarge businesscard image, and a fair bit of the
netinst iso are taken up by the Contents-i386.gz files. I propose that
these be dropped from these smaller images. As I understand it, the
reason to include the Contents files is so users with a full CD set, who
are on limited bandwidth or offline will have access to it. This is a
good thing, and it's small compared to a full CD set. But with the
small network install images, it is both relatively quite large, and not
very useful, since the user will have a network connection, and will
only use their CD for the intitial install.

I've also thought that it might be worthwhile to remove the
debian-keyring.tar.gz file (also 7 mb) from these images. However, I do
not really know how that file is intended to be used.

see shy jo

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