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US - Non US difference.


	Let me introduce myself as the founder of Linux.Mejokj.com - a site
which distributes cheap linux cds.

	I have got a questions for which I was not able to find the exact
answer from any where else(even from debian.org). Guess that this is the
best place to ask it.

1. What's the exact difference between Us & Non_us cd ?

2. Does Non_Us cds contains all the packages that US one has?
When I asked someone else , the reply I got was:

Selling/distributing a US CD here in India is (and always was) perfectly
legal,but was pointless, since the non-US CD had all the same stuff,
plus more.

There are also US copyright/patent issues, but the consequences of these
issues are the same:
	non-US CD = US CD + extra goodies

Is the above statement true??

3. I have both the cds with me now. Is it legal to distribute both in India?



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