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Package versions

I have just downloaded and installed Debian 3.0r2 and.... I felt disappointed by what I found. It actually uses OLD software such as kernel 2.2.20 (even though now version 2.6 is available), a version of vi which must be real old, if it does not even show the state you are in (command or insert) nor allows the use of tha backspace key, and a version of the Ati Radeon driver which does not work with my Radeon 9000 (despite a similar driver worked perfectly with other distributions such as Mandrake).
I would like to know if all these problems come from a mistake of mine (and in this case I would be thankful if you could explain how I can get a really up to date version) or if it is a Debian policy to select such software (I understand the need to use software which has been tested for long in order to give the system stability and security, but what I found was just ancient).
Thanks very much,

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