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Re: official Testing cd images finally available through rsync

> We have already mirrored .jigdo & .template files (no available bandwidth for 
> the ISO's).

The isos really take few few bandwith, I typically get a rsync speedup on
them of about 30 to 60 from one day to the next one, and they are only 100
megs in size. You can gather just the daily image and not the others we
keep, or gather them all and use the preseeding script I have posted or
something similar, so that rsync downloads only a few megs for each image.

 Unfortunately, presently our mirror is not visible beyond bg ip 
> space and is not to be reported on this list.
> Will we have the same daily generation for unstable distribution ?

I don't think so, the aim of building Testing images is to test the shape of
Testing, which changes, but not as much as unstable, I persinally don't see
the point in recording something as volatile as unstable on a media like a
CD, however if Debian leaders see the need for this, they'll be built.

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