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Re: Sid Downloading; Error 404

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 06:16:31AM -0800, darkxsun@ziplip.com wrote:
> A friend is downloading Sid for me on his cable modem. He uses Jigdo to
> download the files and generate the iso's. Two discs out of 13 have
> completed. however, both are riddled with error 404's. The first has an
> error 404 of 41 missing files, the second 52.

Hi, it is hard to say what went wrong since you don't give any details. 
These errors can occur for a number of reasons. At a guess you're
downloading the images using fsn.hu's .jigdo files, you might have started
the download just before the images were regenerated, which meant that
files which were no longer on the new weekly images were deleted from the
server, while the .jigdo that you previously used still references them.


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