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Re: official Testing cd images finally available through rsync

One other thing, it would be good that people mirroring this would report it
to us so that we can have all the mirrors at the web pages and people can
use them.

> One recommendation for people wanting to make mirrors of this to other
> sites, as the daily cds are being built on different directories but the
> ones built one day are similar to those built before or after, it is a good
> idea to populate the directory tree copying the images from the last build
> to the directory where the new images are expected to be created, this will,
> thanks to rsync, save a lot of bandwidth.

I have written this little script to make the preseeding:

DATE=`/bin/date -u +%Y%m%d`
find ~/cdimage-testing/*_d-i -type l -name current -printf "%h/%l\n" |
while read i;do
  if [ -d "$dir/$name" -a ! -e "$dir/$DATE" ]
    cp -a "$dir/$name" "$dir/$DATE"

DATE here is supposed to be the name of the directory of the new images at
gluck, the expresion I use at the script is the same used at gluck, but if
the script is executed long time after it is executed at gluck, then the
resulting name will be different.

This is to be used for preseeding of the daily images, which are usually
created at gluck right after the mirror push ends over there, which is
usually before 21h utc, but sometimes it can be a little bit later, it
should never be after 22h utc.

Hope this helps setting up the mirrors.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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