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Re: jigdo DVD support under Windows

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 04:21:59PM -0800, Gordon Huff wrote:
> Let me take the liberty of elaborating on this  ...the "big file problem" 
> occurs a coupla places in Windows ....
> For every M$ file system except NTFS, the size of the file [...]

Right - jigdo DVD support on Windows would be NTFS-only.

> Much software uses 32-bit integers .... unsigned with a 4 GB limit [...]

Internally, jigdo uses 64-bit integers for all size-related variables, so 
this is not a problem for it.

> >Is there anybody out there willing to maintain the Windows port of
> >jigdo? It should mostly compile with the latest mingw toolchain, and
> >that might also fix the above problem...
> Last time I looked .... last week ... I did not see where mingw has fixed
> this ...

When I looked into this (long ago, >1 year), I think there *was* big file
support in mingw (at least there were special 64-bit versions of some
system calls), but libstdc++ did not have 64-bit support.

As I found out a while ago, libstdc++'s big file support is also broken in
all GCC 3.x releases so far, I don't know if this applies to the mingw port 
as well. Bug 220000 mentions that GCC 3.4 will fix the problem.



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