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Problems accessing the us-cdimage site

Hello, I am new to the linux world. I am trying to pull down the latest
version of debain with a bunch of problems. I first tried to download the
entire ISO image. I was able to burn a cd, but when I tried to install it I
received the message "Invalid or corrupt kernal" message. So I then
attempted to use jigdo to get an image. I successfully downloaded
jigdo-lite. I used the .jigdo file at:


when prompted by jigdo-lite. When asked for the Debian Mirror site I first


Jigdo-lite kept retrying saying there was a "bad file discriptor". After a
while, the above message stops repeating and jigdo-lite reports that
"woody-i386-1.template does not exist". Now I guess I dont really
understand this since I saw the .template file along with the .jigdo file
in the i386 direcory. I also tried the below ftp site.


I am out of ideas as to what I can do to download debian. Any suggestions
would be welcomed. Thanks for your time.

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