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Installer doesn't enter /cdrom in /etc/fstab


I downloaded the newest 20040312 official testing dvd images.

The installer did a good job, but when apt-get asked for the dvd, nothing happened.

I found out, that there was no entry for /cdrom in /etc/fstab. I entered it manually and everything worked.

I used a new Sony Vaio notebook.

Fazit: I am very enthusiatic about the new installer, there are just some bugs ... . But overall it saved a lot of time compared with the old (woody) installer.


PS: The installer wanted to install grub as boot manager, I aborted the install process because of the problems described above. When I restarted the installer by using base-config lilo was suggested (which is ok, since I know how to configure lilo for a dual boot system and I didn't want to spend time on reading about grub). This inconstency doesn't seem to be good (at least for me).

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