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Re: missing ISO files

On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 01:38:10PM -0500, Shayne Roker wrote:
> im a first time user.i used jigdo to download the .jigdo files and the
> .template files i was of the impression that jigdo would automatically
> create the ISO files,

It should, yes.

> insead all i have is the .jidgo ,.templates and it seem to have created
> corresponding files with a .jigdo.unpacked extension.Have i done anything
> wrong?

It's hard to say because you did not include any of the messages that 
jigdo-lite output.

But the failure is probably due to a problem we currently have with one of
our servers. At the moment, you need to enter the URLs of .jigdo files from
this directory:


The other two locations on the website are broken (will be fixed RSN,

For information on what to enter at the other questions asked by 
jigdo-lite, see


Hope this helps,


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