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Bug#137829: that has brilliant and populated Chargers Bug#164800: marked as done (O: ivtools -- Vector Graphics Env. and Applications) Bug#206536: ITP: php-phpdocumentor Bug#245995: days days Museum War agreed research Bug#255850: on bypassed aggressive Treasures We theatre of Bug#273303: #273303 et. al.: Yet another howto for building iFolder .debs Bug#312841: marked as done (O: tkpaint -- Versatile bitmap/pixmap editing tool) Bug#323473: marked as done (O: mol-drivers-linux -- The Mac-on-Linux emulator - drivers for Linux) Bug#351583: marked as done (O: arch-buildpackage -- tools for maintaining Debian packages using arch) Bug#352435: marked as done (O: wmget -- Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app) Bug#361954: Status update Bug#379254: marked as done (O: libpcd -- A library for reading PhotoCD images) Bug#385361: marked as done (O: mmucl -- Mark's MUd CLient) Bug#390310: marked as done (O: log-analysis -- Analyse system's logs to find out) Bug#400945: marked as done (O: wmscope -- Graphical representation of sound waves in a dockapp) Bug#404466: marked as done (ITA: ava -- Algebraical Virtual Assembler for Atmel's AVR MCUs) Bug#405731: marked as done (O: wip -- Interactive graphic plotting package for high quality output) Bug#406133: marked as done (O: transcriber -- transcribe speech data using an integrated editor) Bug#410775: marked as done (O: psh -- interactive shell with the power of perl) Bug#410775: should I be uploading? Bug#418178: marked as done (O: nxtvepg -- Nextview EPG decoder and browser) Bug#419086: marked as done (O: varkon -- A CAD-system with parametric modelling) Bug#419088: marked as done (O: ude -- The ultimate window manager for UDE) Bug#419334: ITA: cdtool Bug#422163: marked as done (O: gtkpbbuttons -- GTK client for pbbuttonsd) Bug#422164: marked as done (O: powerprefs -- Client to configure pbbuttonsd) Bug#424905: ITP: sdlmame -- A port of the popular MAME Bug#427131: marked as done (O: wmavgload -- small NeXTStep-like system load average monitor) Bug#429873: KRadrio4 available in experimental. Bug#430431: marked as done (O: prokyon3 -- A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor) Bug#432829: marked as done (O: grokking-the-gimp -- GIMP tutorial book by Carey Bunks (HTML)) Bug#433270: how is it coming? Bug#433311: ITA: bgoffice -- Bulgarian dictionaries for aspell, ispell, myspell and a word list Bug#433311: marked as done (ITA: bgoffice -- Bulgarian dictionaries for aspell, ispell, myspell and a word list) Bug#436121: marked as done (O: dict-misc -- Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary) Bug#436492: ITP: open64 -- The Open64 C, C++, and Fortran compilers Bug#437648: marked as done (O: amavis-stats -- Virus statistics RRDtool frontend for Amavis) Bug#439533: marked as done (O: opensched -- Tool for project management) Bug#439972: marked as done (O: wmbinclock -- A binary clock applet for Window Maker) Bug#442043: marked as done (O: wmgrabimage -- maintains a small thumbnail image from the WWW) Bug#447524: Submitted to PAPT Bug#451713: marked as done (ITA: galrey -- Command line image gallery generator) Bug#452252: marked as done (O: wmblob -- blobs in a dockapp) Bug#452314: [Pkg-gmagick-im-team] Help still needed? Bug#452314: Help still needed? Bug#452967: ITA: ttf-georgewilliams -- Open fonts by George Williams Bug#453506: marked as done (O: latex.service -- LaTeX service for GNUstep) Bug#454441: marked as done (O: -- Scientific calculator implementing RPN notation for GNUstep) Bug#454443: marked as done (O: -- GNUstep open tool) Bug#454455: marked as done (O: -- Gamma calibration for GNUstep) Bug#458061: marked as done (RFA: cfs -- Cryptographic Filesystem) Bug#459902: marked as done (O: nstx -- Tunnel IP over DNS) Bug#462539: marked as done (O: pload -- Program to monitor network device statistics) Bug#462839: marked as done (O: nxtvepg -- Nextview EPG decoder and browser) Bug#463584: Please! Bug#465165: marked as done (O: mma -- Musical Midi) Bug#465659: marked as done (O: yabasic -- Yet Another BASIC interpreter) Bug#465856: marked as done (O: sdr -- An Mbone Conference Scheduling and Booking System (SDR)) Bug#465876: marked as done (O: u++ -- Object-oriented concurrent language extensions for C++) Bug#465883: marked as done (O: wmnetselect -- Enhanced Netscape launch button designed for WindowMaker) Bug#465886: marked as done (O: limo -- Lists files in a custom way) Bug#465898: marked as done (O: knetfilter -- GUI for configuring the 2.4 kernel IP Tables) Bug#467185: Hej min kära, Bug#471800: marked as done (O: hk-classes -- library for database applications) Bug#471806: marked as done (O: knoda -- graphical database frontend for KDE) Bug#471820: marked as done (O: xbsql -- SQL wrapper for XBase DBMS library) Bug#471824: Package removal Bug#471991: marked as done (O: view3ds -- Simple viewer for 3D Studio files) Bug#471994: marked as done (O: wmload -- system load monitor designed for Window Maker) Bug#472085: marked as done (O: tkmixer -- An audio mixer with Tk interface) Bug#472720: marked as done (O: pdumpfs -- a daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs) Bug#473291: marked as done (O: xnc -- X Northern Captain nc/mc-like filemanager for X) Bug#473730: RFP: tahoe -- a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem Bug#474692: lack of progress due to lack of upstream support Bug#477485: O: adesklets - interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System Bug#477486: marked as done (O: habak -- utility for creating multi-layered backgrounds in X11) Bug#477488: marked as done (O: imgseek -- image viewer and manager with content based query) Bug#480478: marked as done (RFP: debian-backports-keyring -- GnuPG archive key of the repository) Bug#480773: marked as done (ITP: octave-video -- Implements addframe, avifile, aviinfo, and aviread, using ffmpeg.) Bug#482068: marked as done (O: giftcurs -- text-based interface to the giFT file-sharing system) Bug#482400: marked as done (ITA: qtparted -- A parted frontend using QT) Bug#483256: marked as done (O: intercal -- an INTERCAL de-obfuscator) Bug#486762: marked as done (O: lsnipes -- A text-base maze-orientated game) Bug#486765: marked as done (ITA: tgif -- Interactive 2-D drawing facility under X11) Bug#486770: marked as done (O: xlaby -- Collect four items from an xmaze using the mouse to move) Bug#486773: marked as done (O: xnetload -- An Xload for network interfaces packet rates/totals) Bug#486791: Bug#486860: O: wprint -- Print any charset from web browsers and HtmlDoc Bug#486881: Bug#487126: marked as done (O: finger-ldap -- Finger for machines that authenticate against LDAP) Bug#487469: marked as done (O: xtris -- client-server multiplayer X tetris) Bug#487470: marked as done (O: xjewel -- match colors on falling columns of blocks) Bug#488601: marked as done (O: hindent -- Reformats HTML code) Bug#490733: marked as done (O: wmcb -- dockapp that displays the cut buffer content) Bug#490734: marked as done (O: wmcube -- spinning 3D object that shows the current CPU load) Bug#490736: marked as done (O: wmmand -- Dockable Mandelbrot fractal browser) Bug#490738: marked as done (O: wmnetmon -- dockapp for monitoring services on up to 40 hosts) Bug#490740: marked as done (O: wmspaceweather -- WindowMaker dock app that shows the weather in space) Bug#490741: marked as done (O: wmtimer -- dockable alarm clock for WindowMaker) Bug#490742: marked as done (O: wmtop -- Dockapp that displays 3 top memory or CPU using processes) Bug#490743: marked as done (O: wmtz -- WindowMaker dock app that displays the time in different zones) Bug#490842: marked as done (O: wmmemmon -- dockapp to monitor memory/swap usages) Bug#490843: marked as done (O: wmfishtime -- Dockable clock app for WMaker, BlackBox, E, SawFish etc) Bug#490845: marked as done (O: wmmisc -- Dock app that monitors your system) Bug#491018: marked as done (O: crossvc -- graphical CVS frontend) Bug#491723: Debian Package Bug#492507: marked as done (O: sillypoker -- A poker game) Bug#494606: marked as done (O: xpostit -- simple postit program on X with I18N support) Bug#497153: git-bzr: yet another repo Bug#498161: tsumufs Bug#499117: marked as done (O: pcopy -- multithreaded (raw) disk copying program) Bug#499268: marked as done (O: modxslt -- XSLT processing module for Apache based on libxml2) Bug#499749: marked as done (O: xml-resume-library -- A set of tools for writing a resume in XML) Bug#501887: marked as done (O: swapd -- Swap demon for dynamic swap file creation) Bug#502809: marked as done (O: potracegui -- KDE frontend for potrace) Bug#503393: marked as done (O: multi-aterm -- tabbed terminal emulator with efficent pseudo transparency) Bug#503503: marked as done (O: iterm -- internationalized terminal emulator, shared library files) Bug#503554: marked as done (O: a2ps-perl-ja -- perl version of Miguel Santana's a2ps (supports KANJI)) Bug#505236: marked as done (O: anymeal -- cookbook database for storing recipes) Bug#505405: [dsc] debianization of the dsc-collector Bug#506040: ceph now in Ubuntu Bug#508228: marked as done (O: mped -- Minimum Profit, a programmer's text editor) Bug#508229: marked as done (O: playmp3list -- Another front-end to mpg123 with theme support) Bug#508495: RFA: paw -- Physics Analysis Workstation - a graphical analysis program Bug#509674: marked as done (O: keynote -- Decentralized Trust-Management system) Bug#509747: marked as done (O: xvmount -- Small graphical utility for mounting devices by users) Bug#509749: marked as done (O: workman -- Graphical tool for playing audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive) Bug#509768: (no subject) Bug#511715: Ping Bug#512520: marked as done (O: filerunner -- X-Based FTP program & file manager) Bug#513329: marked as done (O: softbeep -- System bell replacement) Bug#515439: marked as done (O: wmfsm -- WindowMaker dock app for monitoring filesystem usage) Bug#519267: PhpDocumentor, finally Bug#519267: RFP: phpdocumentor -- php auto documentor Bug#519752: Please upload pysolfc to debian Bug#520013: Package removal Bug#520746: marked as done (ITA: soci -- C++ Database Access Library (core)) Bug#521921: marked as done (O: py2play -- peer-to-peer network game engine) Bug#522209: marked as done (O: wmmaiload -- dockapp to monitor mails in one or more mail boxes) Bug#524403: ITP: iguanair -- IguanaWorks Infrared Tranceiver support tools Bug#524787: marked as done (ITP: unicorn -- Drivers and applications for the Bewan ADSL PCI ST and USB modems) Bug#525295: marked as done (O: emcast -- multicast toolkit) Bug#525446: marked as done (O: aap -- make-like "expert system" for building software) Bug#526350: any progress on packaging of python-celery Bug#527935: marked as done (O: audiooss -- transparent OSS emulation over NAS) Bug#532197: marked as done (O: cbrowser -- a C/C++ source code indexing, querying and browsing tool) Bug#533581: Dependency block Bug#535073: RFP: dolphin-emu -- Dolphin Gamecube / Wii Emulator Bug#535905: Fwd: ITP: shellinabox for Debian Bug#537259: O: skencil -- Interactive vector drawing program for X11 Bug#537334: marked as done (O: prokyon3 -- A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor) Bug#537588: ITP: gtk-kde4 - theme engine to integrate GTK+ 2.x apps in KDE Desktop Bug#538067: OpenCPN packaging updates Bug#539944: RFH: logcheck -- mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator Bug#540588: marked as done (ITA: metastore -- Store and restore metadata from a filesystem) Bug#540898: marked as done (O: doom-wad-shareware -- Shareware game files for the 3D game DOOM) Bug#540956: Package removal Bug#541002: marked as done (O: steam -- Environment for cooperative knowledge management) Bug#541011: marked as done (O: revtex -- LaTeX documentstyle from the American Physical Society (obsolete)) Bug#541054: marked as done (O: smtpfeed -- SMTP feed -- SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliver for Sendmail) Bug#542123: ITA: mock -- Build rpm packages inside a chroot Bug#542368: marked as done (O: gq -- GTK-based LDAP client) Bug#543850: marked as done (O: libvuurmuur -- netfilter frontend (library)) Bug#543862: marked as done (O: vuurmuur-conf -- netfilter frontend (ncurses GUI)) Bug#543863: marked as done (O: vuurmuur -- netfilter frontend (utilities)) Bug#543882: marked as done (O: doc-iana -- Internet protocol parameter registry) Bug#543893: marked as done (ITA: cuneiform -- multi-language OCR system) Bug#543905: marked as done (O: kqemu -- Common files for the QEMU Accelerator module) Bug#543906: marked as done (O: lwp -- Light Weight Processes library (debug)) Bug#543908: marked as done (O: rpc2 -- Remote Procedure Call implementation 2) Bug#543909: marked as done (O: rvm -- Recoverable Virtual Memory (debug)) Bug#544059: RFA: libowfat -- A reimplementation of libdjb Bug#544269: marked as done (O: 9mount -- plan9 filesystem (v9fs) user mount utilities) Bug#544401: marked as done (RFA: libdjbdns -- DNS client library designed to replace the BIND res_*/dn_* library) Bug#544446: marked as done (O: axp -- command line tool and wrapper for tla) Bug#544447: marked as done (O: archzoom -- web-based Arch repository browser) Bug#544499: Bug#544499: ITP: nautilus-dropbox -- nautilus plugin for dropbox Bug#544627: marked as done (O: kcemirror -- Windows CE remote control tool like VNC) Bug#544733: ITP: gerix-wifi-cracker-ng -- Aicrack-NG (WPA/WEP) GUI with pyrit support on cracking Bug#546981: ITA: soundtouch -- development files for sound stretching library Bug#547227: marked as done (O: mailleds -- Blink the keyboard-LEDs for incoming mail) Bug#547665: RFP: valide -- IDE for Vala Bug#549323: ITP: python-ethtool -- Ethernet settings python bindings Bug#551338: RFS: mediathekview Bug#551853: RFH: lesstif2 -- OSF/Motif 2.1 implementation released under LGPL Bug#552387: RFS: libjsr305-java (new package, needed to update libgoogle-collections-java and to package libguava-java) Bug#552416: O: cournol -- Analyze absolute supply monopolies and polypolies Bug#552772: RFP: emc2 -- A free and powerful machine controller Bug#553070: marked as done (O: mrt -- Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit (BGP4+/BGP/RIPng/RIP2)) Bug#553186: marked as done (O: mtop -- MySQL terminal based query monitor) Bug#553349: marked as done (O: giftoxic -- GTK2 based GUI for the giFT filesharing system) Bug#553359: [darktable-devel] Licensing issues Bug#553359: Fwd: Licensing issues Bug#553359: Licensing issues Bug#553359: Status info.... Bug#553521: marked as done (O: spider -- A two deck solitaire game for the X Window System) Bug#553902: Removing cabber Bug#553992: marked as done (O: pskmail -- client for HF narrow band mail delivery system for amateur radio) Bug#553994: marked as done (O: paq8l -- open source file compressor and archiver) Bug#554002: marked as done (O: rnv -- Relax NG Compact Syntax validator) Bug#554153: Bug#554250: marked as done (O: grandfatherclock -- a clock that tolls time acoustically) Bug#554259: marked as done (O: w-bassman -- an alternative "w" command) Bug#554265: marked as done (O: zblast -- sound files for zblast game) Bug#554723: marked as done (O: p2c -- Pascal to C translator) Bug#557274: marked as done (O: gift -- interface library for giFT and protocol plugins) Bug#557275: marked as done (O: gift-openft -- giFT plugin for the OpenFT network) Bug#557587: O: pam-devperm Bug#557671: pyclutter-gst Bug#560744: O: xview -- XView UI toolkit library and client programs Bug#561963: ITP: hudson -- extensible continuous integration server Bug#562509: marked as done (RFA: crossvc -- graphical CVS frontend) Bug#562510: marked as done (RFA: crossvc -- graphical CVS frontend) Bug#566263: marked as done (O: ysmv7 -- Powerful console ICQ client) Bug#566380: marked as done (RFP: python-aiml -- Python interpreter for AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) Bug#567130: marked as done (O: newpki-client -- PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API (client package)) Bug#567142: O: libqwt Bug#567954: RFH: debtags -- Enables support for package tags Bug#568742: RFA: smokeping -- latency logging and graphing system Bug#569040: FTBFS confirmed Bug#569085: RFP: extundelete -- ext3 and ext4 file undeletion utility Bug#569203: ITP: parti -- an experimental window manager, a WM library, and Bug#569203: ITP: parti -- an experimental window manager, a WM library, and screen for X Bug#569974: marked as done (ITP: libdancer-perl -- micro-framework for writing web) Bug#570139: ITP: dotclear -- Dotclear is an open-source web publishing software Bug#572016: Can I takeover liboauth-ruby? Bug#572016: New upstream (0.5.0) has released Bug#572684: marked as done (O: xpm2wico -- An Xpm to Windows .ico converter) Bug#572739: marked as done (O: newpki-lib -- PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API (core library)) Bug#572968: marked as done (O: gift-gnutella -- giFT plugin for the Gnutella network) Bug#573218: marked as done (O: dglog -- CGI log analyzer for DansGuardian) Bug#575198: marked as done (O: audiere -- a portable, high-level audio library) Bug#575203: Bug#576998: ITP: etherpad -- web based collaborative real-time editor Bug#577130: ITP: crystalhd -- Broadcom Crystal HD video decoder solution Bug#578157: ITP: bitcoin -- peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency Bug#578469: ITP: turpial -- Alternative client for Twitter Bug#578750: Hej min kära, Bug#578812: Unresponsive upstream -> suggest to drop these ITPs Bug#579147: any update? Bug#579372: (no subject) Bug#579859: RFP: clementine -- Music player and library organizer Bug#581386: marked as done (ITA: tcpreen -- Simple TCP re-engineering tool) Bug#581388: marked as done (O: scsiadd -- add or remove SCSI devices by rescanning the bus) Bug#581601: New release of liboauth Bug#581839: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#581839: RFA: linux-libertine -- Linux Libertine family of fonts Bug#581839: linux-libertine Bug#582864: ITP progress mark Bug#582884: [Usb-creator-hackers] Bug#582884: ITP: usb-creator -- Live USB creator Bug#583501: marked as done (ITA: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome -- display driver for VIA Unichrome video chipsets) Bug#583597: O: bake -- yet another Python Make replacement Bug#583598: O: tepache -- A code sketcher for Python that uses pygtk and glade Bug#583752: marked as done (RFA: osgal -- OpenSceneGraph adapter for OpenAL) Bug#583753: marked as done (RFA: osgcal -- cal3d to OpenSceneGraph adapter) Bug#583826: RFH: chromium-browser -- Chromium browser Bug#584073: RFP: sogo -- a modern and scalable groupware Bug#584147: RM: gtkdiskfree -- RoM -- dead upstream, no reverse deps Bug#584309: Bug#598000: ITP: openfeiton - open source implemention of fetion protocol client Bug#584650: ITP: openlayers -- JavaScript library for map applications on the web. Bug#585145: RFA: gtimelog -- minimal timelogging system Bug#586445: RM: mpy-svn-stats -- RoM -- dead upstream, unused, no reverse deps Bug#586507: Updated Bug#586649: marked as done (ITP: netperfmeter -- TCP/UDP/SCTP/DCCP network performance meter) Bug#588219: ITA - ca-certificates -- Common CA certificates Bug#588454: ITP: lightsquid -- Web based squid proxy traffic analyser Bug#589433: marked as done (ITP: gkeyfile-sharp-1.0 -- Key-value file parser) Bug#589632: ITP: ppp -- Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon Bug#589818: marked as done (ITP: ensembl-core -- Ensembl core Perl API) Bug#590049: Lejos Package Bug#590049: nxjc in livecd Bug#590450: ITP: daemonfs -- real time monitoring software Bug#590488: marked as done (ITP: hydra -- fast network logon cracker.) Bug#591817: ITP: rubinius -- Rubinius is an implementation of the Ruby programming language. Bug#592047: RFP: linux-libre -- The fully free Linux kernel Bug#592137: RFH: bastille - Security hardening tool Bug#592159: ITP: poezio -- XMPP terminal-based client Bug#592689: marked as done (ITP: turtleart -- a LOGO-like tool for teaching programming) Bug#592923: marked as done (ITP: python-aiml -- an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language interpreter for Python) Bug#593341: Still packing it? Bug#593512: marked as done (O: caudium -- An extensible WWW server written in Pike) Bug#593587: ITP: libparallel-useragent-perl Bug#593886: marked as done (O: cvsnt -- Improved multiplatform version of the original CVS) Bug#593941: ITA: monit -- A service and system monitoring utility Bug#593949: marked as done (ITP: input-pad -- On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse) Bug#593950: marked as done (ITP: ibus-input-pad -- Input Pad for IBus) Bug#594321: marked as done (ITP: dkopp -- incremental backup tool to DVD and Blueray media) Bug#594400: marked as done (O: libconfig-inetd-perl -- Interface to modify /etc/inetd.conf) Bug#594749: Bug#594800: ITP: 0ad -- 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game of, ancient warfare Bug#594920: FSF address is wrong Bug#594920: ready to upload Bug#595090: ITP: c501checkers -- A checker game Bug#595106: ITP: faenza-icon-theme -- Faenza icon theme Bug#595143: RFP: libjs-asciimathml -- javascript library to render high quality mathematical formulas in a browser Bug#595162: RFP: phynx -- High-level Python interface to HDF5 files Bug#595167: ITP: sugar-speak-activity -- This package contains Speak, a talking face for the Sugar environment. Bug#595185: ITP: translationstring -- Utility library for i18n relied on by various Repoze packages Bug#595188: ITP: el-get -- install and manage elisp code for Emacs Bug#595191: Message with ITP: libredwg -- C library for handling DWG CAD format Bug#595202: felix_1.0-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Bug#595202: ITP: felix -- Latin-French dictionary, by Felix Gaffiot Bug#595209: ITP: mocker -- Mocker object mocking framework Bug#595240: ITP: salome-code-aster -- Salome-Meca platform : Code_Aster modulus Bug#595284: ITP: xul-ext-cacheviewer -- this extenion is gui front-end of "about:cache" Bug#595286: ITP: barebox -- Barebox (u-boot-v2) is a bootloader. Bug#595292: ITP: daisy-player -- player for Daisy talking books (DTB) Bug#595292: mounting cdrom by ordinary program Bug#595292: progress report Bug#595292: Request to incorporate daisy-player in Ubuntu Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script to download and install variousredistributable runtime libraries Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script todownload and install variousredistributable runtime libraries Bug#595485: ITP: shark -- Modular Machine Learning Library Bug#595497: ITP: kmetronome -- ALSA MIDI Metronome Bug#595500: RFA: wu-ftpd Bug#595528: O: nyquist Bug#595541: O: c2html -- Highlight C sources for WWW presentation Bug#595543: marked as done (O: dacco -- Catalan to English and English to Catalan dictionary) Bug#595543: O: dacco -- Catalan to English and English to Catalan dictionary Bug#595544: O: dmaths -- Formula editor improvements for Bug#595545: marked as done (O: et131x -- Source for et131x Ethernet Controller driver from Agere Systems) Bug#595545: O: et131x -- Source for et131x Ethernet Controller driver from Agere Systems Bug#595546: ITA: libmatheval -- GNU library for evaluating symbolic mathematical expressions Bug#595546: O: libmatheval -- GNU library for evaluating symbolic mathematical expressions Bug#595548: O: moto4lin -- file manager and seem editor for Motorola phones (like C380/C650) Bug#595549: O: mydms -- open-source document management system based on PHP and MySQL Bug#595550: marked as done (ITA: ocrad -- optical character recognition program) Bug#595550: O: ocrad -- Optical Character Recognition program Bug#595552: O: qdacco -- offline Dacco Catalan <-> English dictionary frontend (qt) Bug#595553: O: qemuctl -- controlling GUI for qemu Bug#595555: Help with Testing Bug#595555: RFP: plone -- Plone Content Management System Bug#595561: marked as done (ITA libnusoap-php SOAP toolkit for PHP) Bug#595561: RFA: nusoap -- SOAP toolkit for PHP Bug#595583: ITP: qt-web-runtime -- Qt based web application framework Bug#595605: RFP: qmidiroute -- MIDI router and filter utility Bug#595631: ITP: sezen -- semantic file browser using Zeitgeist Bug#595639: correction Bug#595639: ITP: libzeitgeist -- library to access Zeitgeist Bug#595646: ITP: lib-test-aggregate-perl -- Aggregate tests to make them run faster. Bug#595656: ITP: felix-latin -- Latin-French dictionary, by Felix Gaffiot Bug#595668: Initial work on the package Bug#595668: ITP: liblua-tokyocabinet -- Lua Bindings for the Tokyo Cabinet Database Bug#595690: marked as done (O: debmirror) Bug#595690: O: debmirror Bug#595693: ITA: greylistd -- Greylisting daemon for use with Exim 4 Bug#595707: ITP: zeitgeist-extensions -- extensions for the Zeitgeist engine (full-text search, geolocation...) Bug#595805: ITP: devmem2 -- Simple program to read/write from/to any hardware address Bug#595805: Other problems with devmem2 Bug#595817: ITP: libpam-ssh-agent -- PAM module providing authentication via ssh-agent Bug#595820: ITP: woof -- A small, simple, stupid webserver to share files Bug#595907: ITP: webhoneypot -- The Dshield Web Honeypot Project. Bug#595932: ITP: drupal6-mod-lightbox2 -- Overlay images on the current Drupal page Bug#595942: ITP: drupal6-mod-imagecache -- Makes different sized alternatives of the same images in Drupal Bug#595942: marked as done (ITP: drupal6-mod-imagecache -- Makes different sized alternatives of the same images in Drupal) Bug#595943: ITP: drupal6-mod-imageapi -- imageapi module for Drupal 6 Bug#595952: ITP: drupal6-mod-imagecache-actions -- imagecache_actions module for Drupal 6 Bug#595958: ITP: paml -- Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood Bug#595963: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#595963: RFP: yanone-kaffeesatz -- TTF and OTF font in four weights Bug#595963: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#595963: RFP: yanone-kaffeesatz -- TTF and OTF font in four weights Bug#595963: RFP: yanone-kaffeesatz -- TTF and OTF font in four weights Bug#595963: yanone-kaffeesatz -- TTF and OTF font in four weights Bug#595972: ITP: pd-libdir -- provides support for the libdir library format for Pd Bug#595976: ignore pd-comport entry in pd-ekext ITP Bug#595976: ITP: pd-ekext -- Pd objects for music information retrieval and polyphony control Bug#595978: ITP: pd-comport -- Pd object for reading and writing to serial ports Bug#595982: RFP: catweasel -- CATWeasel is a web-based user- and classroom-management tool based on CipUX Bug#596005: RFP: testu01 -- TestU01 utilities for the empirical statistical testing of uniform random number generators Bug#596005: TestU01 license change The last update was on 11:17 GMT Fri Jun 07. 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