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Bug#590049: nxjc in livecd

I am unfamiliar to SVN and CVS but I also think that it is a better
solution. The best place to host it would be the Debian run
http://alioth.debian.org/ , a Fusion Forge used by the Debian project.
However, as I am not a Debian Developer I can't create a project. With
that in mind I think we should temporarily or permanently if needed
host the package on the leJOS sourceforge project, if that is ok with
you and the other devs. Hopefully this will help when it comes to bug
fixes and cooperation with the other LeJOS Developers.

On the packaging side of this, I will soon have the package ready so
that other can help me with it. This does not mean that it will work,
just that there is no rubbish left by myself in the package.



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