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Bug#584073: RFP: sogo -- a modern and scalable groupware

В 14:33 +0800 на 10.09.2010 (пт), James Andrewartha написа:
> > BTW, are you really using this beast or just filing the RFP "cause
> > it's nice to have it in Debian"?
> I am using it, from upstream's repository.

So if it is packaged for Debian you'd be a regular user of the official
(i.e., Debian) packages, right?

> So you can close this bug if you want, but I would appreciate you
> contacting upstream about what's stopping it being in Debian.

No, the bug should not be closed.  These issues are more or less trivial
to resolve.  I was even considering retitling it to ITP, but some things
are worrying me, namely:

      * SOPE and SOGo are huge.  I mean, HUGE.  It would take me weeks
        to examine the code and figure out how these things work, at
        least at the basic level.
      * I am not a fan of web-based mail and calendars, and I don't plan
        using such services.  If I package this, I'll run a test
        instance on some of my machines, but since it would be solely
        for testing purposes, I'm afraid I won't be able to discover all
        issues, or even manage to reproduce reported bugs.  Proper
        maintenance involves regular real-life usage...
      * I am not a user of Icedove/Iceowl, and I don't plan becoming
        one.  As I see from upstream's site, these clients connect with
        SOGo via special extensions, which need to be packaged, too.  I
        don't have the right skills for that.
      * The code has a high potential for security bugs, and a
        significantly higher maintenance burden because of that.

So...  I think I'll attempt to package this, and see if it would be
worth taking the risk.  (This will happen after the Squeeze release in
any case.)  Meanwhile, if someone else is willing to bite the bullet, go

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