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Bug#506040: ceph now in Ubuntu

On Sep 18, 2010, at 1:59 PM, Sage Weil wrote:

> Hi Asheesh,
> Good timing.  I've just released v0.21.3, which includes a number of 
> bugfixes since v0.21.1:
> http://ceph.newdream.net/debian/pool/ceph-stable/c/ceph/ceph_0.21.3-1.dsc
> Clint, is it too late to get these into 10.10 as well?

Hi Sage,

As long as it just fixes bugs, it should be ok. While the main archive
entered final freeze on Thursday, universe isn't distributed on media, 
and so can be updated up until just before the release.

I'll check out 0.21.3 on Monday and if it looks like minor enough updates,
I'll see if we can get it sponsored in for 10.10.

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