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Bug#584073: RFP: sogo -- a modern and scalable groupware

On 10/09/2010 3:26 PM, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> В 14:33 +0800 на 10.09.2010 (пт), James Andrewartha написа:
>>> BTW, are you really using this beast or just filing the RFP "cause
>>> it's nice to have it in Debian"?
>> I am using it, from upstream's repository.
> So if it is packaged for Debian you'd be a regular user of the official
> (i.e., Debian) packages, right?

Yes, I would.

>> So you can close this bug if you want, but I would appreciate you
>> contacting upstream about what's stopping it being in Debian.
> No, the bug should not be closed.  These issues are more or less trivial
> to resolve.  I was even considering retitling it to ITP, but some things
> are worrying me, namely:
>       * SOPE and SOGo are huge.  I mean, HUGE.  It would take me weeks
>         to examine the code and figure out how these things work, at
>         least at the basic level.
>       * I am not a fan of web-based mail and calendars, and I don't plan
>         using such services.  If I package this, I'll run a test
>         instance on some of my machines, but since it would be solely
>         for testing purposes, I'm afraid I won't be able to discover all
>         issues, or even manage to reproduce reported bugs.  Proper
>         maintenance involves regular real-life usage...
>       * I am not a user of Icedove/Iceowl, and I don't plan becoming
>         one.  As I see from upstream's site, these clients connect with
>         SOGo via special extensions, which need to be packaged, too.  I
>         don't have the right skills for that.

SOGo should be able to be used by any compliant CalDAV client. I believe the
extensions are mainly to provide GroupDAV addressbook support and automatic
configuration, and are not essential - I don't use them.

>       * The code has a high potential for security bugs, and a
>         significantly higher maintenance burden because of that.
> So...  I think I'll attempt to package this, and see if it would be
> worth taking the risk.  (This will happen after the Squeeze release in
> any case.)  Meanwhile, if someone else is willing to bite the bullet, go
> ahead.

Thanks for giving it some thought.

James Andrewartha

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