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Bug#524403: ITP: iguanair -- IguanaWorks Infrared Tranceiver support tools

Hello Max,

(Yes, two months for a reply is a long time :-)

On Saturday 31 of July 2010, Max Vozeler wrote:
> I recently got a iguanaIR USB and would like to have it
> supported without the need to rebuild lirc.
> Stefanos, are you still interested? Let me know if you
> need review and/or sponsorship. I'm happy to help but lack
> the time to maintain it properly myself.

After your mail I tried to package iguanaIR but I failed. While everything 
else seems OK, I can't package the python bindings. Is there any documentation 
on how python bindings are supposed to be packaged? I've looked some other 
packages and they seem to do some hocus pocus for this.

I understand that there should be one package (with the bindings) per python 
version but I don't know which python versions I'm supposed to package for and 
how to incorporate this to CDBS (iguanaIR isn't using distutils).

While I'm not as inderested as before and I somehow lack the time, I'm willing 
to complete the packaging and maintain the package. I've found the creators of 
iguanaIR to be helpfull and they look forward for a debian package so any bugs 
etc will most probably be handled by them. Since the releases of iguanaIR 
software are not frequent this will not be very time consiming.

So, if you can help me with the python bindings packaging we can upload this 
soon. I'm currently using CDBS for the packaging.

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