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Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script todownload and install variousredistributable runtime libraries

* Chris Carr (rantingman@gmail.com) [100907 10:20]:
> Are we in danger of making the best the enemy of the good? Packaging
> winetricks as-is would be helpful: making it a part of the packaging system,
> keeping it up-to-date, maybe adding a man page. 
> Massive integration of distributable libraries into wine, and/or the
> creation of a wine-nonfree package with more of same, are great ideas. But
> they're also a lot more work than just packaging winetricks. So maybe let
> the simple one be done first, and take the pressure off those who need more
> time to do the trickier work?
> If the new winetricks package were to be called wine-nonfree, that would lay
> the foundations for later efforts ...

I agree that starting with the current scripts is for starters. But we
should do it in a way that is prepared for doing it right, and then
starting with the easier parts of replacing the scripts with the right

Obviously there are some very low hanging fruits within the
winetricks-scripts (basically everything that is downloaded from an
open source site).


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