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Bug#595292: mounting cdrom by ordinary program

Hi all,

With upstream of daisy-player (ITP: #595292) I am working on getting a
Daisy player for Daisy talking books into good shape. I am having
concerns about the current "hack" of upstream to ensure the program is
able to read from a cd. The upstream source contains one udev rule to
create a daisy-player link to the cdrom device and in the run parameter
it adds a line to /etc/fstab allowing everybody to mount the cdrom. When
daisy-player is run without options, it tries to mount the device and
plays from it. I don't believe this is the way to do it, but I have not
found yet what is appropriate in this case. I would appreciate some
hints to what to do to obtain the desired effect, i.e. that the program
can automatically read from cdrom if present.

ENV{ID_CDROM}=="1", GROUP="cdrom", \
MODE="0444", SYMLINK+="daisy-player", RUN="daisy-player.sh"

mkdir -p /media/daisy-player
grep daisy-player /etc/fstab ||
  echo "/dev/daisy-player /media/daisy-player auto noauto,users,ro" >>

Thanks in advance,

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