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Bug#595202: ITP: felix -- Latin-French dictionary, by Felix Gaffiot

Thank you Tanguy, I shall modify the copyright file to take this in

Tanguy Ortolo a écrit :
> Le jeudi 02 septembre 2010, Georges Khaznadar a écrit :
> >  the data come from Felix Gaffiot's Latin-French dictionary which was 
> >  published in year 1934, so it is now in the public domain.
> It may be in the public domain, but not because of its release date. In
> France, works are promoted to the public domain 70 years after the death
> of their authors.
> Felix Gaffiot died in 1937, so yes, his dictionary is now in the public
> domain: I just feel I had to clarify this.
> -- 
> Tanguy Ortolo

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