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Bug#547665: RFP: valide -- IDE for Vala

2010/9/21 Nicolas Joseph <nicolas.joseph@valaide.org>:
> Le 20/09/2010 09:15, David Paleino a écrit :
>>    - long descriptions are a bit too "short" :)
> I find inspiration and I try to improve this.

Great, thanks :)

>>    - debian/valide.lintian: should be named valide.lintian-overrides. After
>>      that, you can drop valide.dirs, and the hack in debian/rules to install
>>      this file.
> I renamed the lintian file, but I don't know how to hack debian/rules.

I meant: rename that file (you did it), and then remove the
"cp debian/valide.lintian /usr/share/lintian-overrides/" line from
debian/rules. :)
There's dh_lintian (called automatically) taking care of creating the directory
and putting the file there.

> Except my comments, I fixed the other problems in the upsteam
> repository: https://code.launchpad.net/~valide/valide/trunk

Seems like I can't find the fixed files :)

(for instance, debian/changelog still lists all the versions, and the first
one is also targetted at lucid...)

I'll wait for a .dsc on mentors.debian.net ;)


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