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Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script to download and install variousredistributable runtime libraries

* Adam Borowski (kilobyte@angband.pl) [100905 11:04]:
> It's a massive script, so the file count of 1 doesn't really matter.  Also,
> it needs to update more often than wine proper, as it refers to outside
> locations.
> I'd vote for having it as a separate package.

It'd rather make sense to create a wine-nonfree which includes the
libraries that we are allowed to redistribute, and downloads the

Then it makes of course sense to have it as an seperate package (and
with e.g. cmake I'm even not sure if we couldn't take the free version
of it into wine proper).

In other words, there will be some massive integration effort into
debian, so winetricks won't look like the current script. Which is
something that should be done.


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