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Bug#595292: Request to incorporate daisy-player in Ubuntu

Dear Sirs,
Mr. Paul Gevers created a Debian package for Mr. Jos Lemmens daisy-player. IMHO there are several good reasons to include daisy-player in the next Ubuntu release. Please let me explain:

- Not only blind persons can make use of daisy-player, it is also very well suited for low vision. For a visually impaired (I have very low vision) Daisy-player has a very efficient user interface.

- There are much more persons with low vision than blinds persons.

- The number of old age persons with low vision will grow dramatically in the odd 30 years to come.

- Over here, in the Netehrlands, we have a very good health care system which pays for hardware DAISY players for blind and visually impaired. We live in a rich country. The remainder of the world is not so well off. With an old PC and Ubuntu one can now have an inexpensive DAISY player. In this way Ubuntu helps poor visually impaired.

- I have spend days on the Internet to find a working software DAISY player for Linux. Jos Lemmens' daisy-player is AFAIK the only one that works well, is well maintained and is not a dead student project.

- Daisy-player for Ubuntu will make users less dependable on Windows, for which 2 'free' software DAISY players exist.

In the hope to have you convinced of the necessity to include daisy-player in Ubuntu,
with amicable greetings,
Dirk Schouten

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