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Bug#590049: Lejos Package


I have now a package that has no rubbish from myself in it to share. I
have also created a basic todo/problems list:
        - First the source code archive is very hard to work with, 
          it contains binary code, some of the src projects are 
          not clean and third party libraries and projects are included.
        This causes issues with legality and stability. For more 
          info see http://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide 
        - Secondly the toolchain to build the packages requires 
          specific versions of the gcc, newlib and binutils releases.
          A quick fix for testing would be to include these as 
          additional source archives but a way really needs to be found 
          to include these versions in Debian as normal. 
        - Thirdly, the udev rules needed to provide user level 
          (not root) access to nxt devices need to be accessible to 
          other packages and not just for use with Lejos NXJ. This 
          could mean creating a seperate package for these udev rules 
          or following another approach. 
Those are the two main problems, the less significant problems are the
basic package building tasks, however these can't be properly addressed
until the First and Second problem on the list above have been

I hope that LeJOS NXJ can be included in Debian and am aiming to do this
for or at least by the 1.0 stable release of LeJOS NXJ. However I want
to get the packaging right, so at the moment any work that I have done
wont go towards a package for Debian, more work needs to be done on the
structure of the release to avoid future problems. 

I will continue trying to work out solutions to the second and third
problems as these are more to do with Debian policy and I hope by the
time I come to package a future release the source code archive has

If anyone would like a copy of the current work I have done on the Lejos
NXT package just email me and i will send you it. However it does not
work and will probably be entirely useless when looking to package
future versions. 



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