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Bug#595820: ITP: woof -- A small, simple, stupid webserver to share files

[ adding back the ITP to Cc: ]

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 10:56:15AM +0200, Salvo Tomaselli wrote:
> The default installation of lighttpd would put itself in the autostart, maybe 
> i just wanted to share a file and it would take time for me to change the 
> configuration for avoiding autostart and create a new config file. And of 
> course i should also know how to do that.

Fair enough. Note that nobody here is saying "thou shall not package
this". We are just very cautious because adding a new web server to the
archive might easily become a security PITA (ask the security team for
some horror stories on the subject of "yet another web server"). So what
we are saying is just that "it should be worth it" wrt other software
offerings already in the archive.

On a related topic, please remember that long descriptions are meant to
help sysadms to decide whether they want to install a package or not. In
this specific case, and giving the availability of competitor tools,
your long description should explain why one might want to prefer woof
over other packages.

If I were the packager, I would skim through the output of "debtags
search web::server" and try to convince myself that the new one I'm
adding really has distinguishing features (things like "ease of
configuration" might of course qualify as a features). Once done, I
would mention my reasons in the long description. ... and that's also
why it's wise to have long descriptions ready at ITP-submission time:
thread like this one might have been avoided completely, thanks to a
convincing long description :-)

Thanks for your packaging work!

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