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Bug#595805: Other problems with devmem2

devmem2 also crashes with a SIGBUS when it's requested to access
unaligned memory on machines that forbid it.  For example, on sparc:

  blackhole ok % sudo ./devmem 0x70000000 w
  /dev/mem opened.
  Memory mapped at address 0xf7fec000.
  Value at address 0x70000000 (0xf7fec000): 0x82106120
  blackhole ok % sudo ./devmem 0x70000001 w
  /dev/mem opened.
  Memory mapped at address 0xf7fc0000.
  zsh: bus error  sudo ./devmem 0x70000001 w

This should not be allowed to occur.  devmem2 should either forbid
unaligned access where the processor forbids it (and that means on
alpha, ia64, and other architectures where PR_SET_UNALIGN is
implemented, unless it's disabled) or perform a fix-up like the kernel
does in such situations.

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