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additional build depends / conflicts Always use some specific servers to build a package amarok giveback on armel amarok/sparc give back binNMUs and versions buildd status Can I have a rebuild of libept on experimental? extra-{depends/conflicts} and disabling of should_build_msgs; building of non-free Re: Give-back konq-plugins on armel Giving back to a particular buildd kdeedu/armel give back Re: Mehdi Dogguy: Buildd status pages Package can't stop building? [p-a-s/sid] rtai: Support amd64 and armel [PATCH] [p-a-s/sid] haskell-debian: Requires threaded RTS pcsc-lite/stable-security on i386,powerpc please build insighttoolkit for ia64 on Please give-back libforks-perl on armel Please give-back libitext-java on mips, sparc Please give back libmx4j-java on mips, mipsel and sparc Please give back totem-plugin-arte_0.8.4-1 on hurd-i386 Please give-back tuxguitar on powerpc Please rebuild paraview on ia64 please retry mksh build on sparc (if possible, on a different buildd machine) Re: qt4-x11 FTBFSes on s390 and mipsel Request to give back dpm-postgres on powerpc Request to give back voms-mysql-plugin on ia64 wanna-build state changes by dinstall The last update was on 18:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 105 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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