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Autoconf/configure info Bug #20517 Re: Bug#21315: wmaker: Fails to configure before xbase build bug or change? build does not include source buildinfo.debian mit debhelper ? Building "sublanguages" from gcc changelog closing old bugs Conffiles with two binary packages Config file format [may] change Conflicting with old versions of a package .deb and ppp Debian 2.0 alpha and beta testing Debian jumpstart? egcs version numbering / not working objc-compiler Example files now have http access Example package help w/ new lib package -- dpkg-gencontrol problems How do I move things around? How should I deal with config. file moves? Lib packaging question Licences ok? lintian: mktemp and general use lintian warnings (help) looking for advice on starting a package making source compile manpage for X11 binary menus question My first attempt at a Debian package - comments? Need advice on Bug#19020: mysql dev libraries are in the wrong place non-free distribution non-maintainer upload non-pristine sources One source, two binary packages orig source Package dictd ppp diald etc Q: Getting started on a package rescue1440.bin Should `libguile' install /usr/share/aclocal/threads.m4? Skeleton maintainer scripts Skeleton maintainer scripts (revised) ssh (again) ssh-agent (continuing saga) sSMTP and other MTAs TEI-lite copyright -- no modifications Re: Uploaded guile-doc 1998.04.14-1 (source all) to master waiting time in incoming queue What exactly is the order of steps to becoming a new maintainer? Where is the order of versions specified? Why does `guile-1.2' have `'? The last update was on 17:04 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 150 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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