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Re: TEI-lite copyright -- no modifications

***** APH => Adam P Harris

APH> Ok, here's another one for you DFSG gurus.  This one should be easy:

APH> <!--  Text Encoding Initiative: Guidelines for Electronic      -->
APH> <!--  Text Encoding and Interchange. Document TEI P3, 1994.    -->
APH> <!--  Copyright (c) 1994 ACH, ACL, ALLC. Permission to copy    -->
APH> <!--  in any form is granted, provided this notice is          -->
APH> <!--  included in all copies.                                  -->
APH> <!--  These materials may not be altered; modifications to     -->
APH> <!--  these DTDs should be performed as specified in the       -->
APH> <!--  Guidelines in chapter "Modifying the TEI DTD."           -->
APH> <!--  These materials subject to revision. Current versions    -->
APH> <!--  are available from the Text Encoding Initiative.         -->

Check if it allows modified DTD's to be made from it---with _different_
file names, I mean---in the suggested reading (Guidelines...).

That would make it DFSG free, just like the vast majority of (La)TeX


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