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Re: How do I move things around?

dtm12@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu (Daniel Martin at cush) writes:

> What's the procedure for moving something that's been uploaded into
> unstable into frozen?  Whom do I contact and what information do I
> need to give them?  Do I then send out a debian-*-changes message?
> I uploaded something into unstable but have been convinced that it
> belongs in frozen.
> Should I just change the Distribution: header, remake the package, and 
> upload again?

No, in the changelog add a frozen, where there´s now an unstable. 
This should be the only place where to change, but switch to a new
maintainer version (else your package gets rejected).
Remaking and uploading again is the way without pain, if you have a
good internet connection. (I don´t know if you can change the
distribution of a package already in incoming.)



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