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Re: Building "sublanguages" from gcc

> I'm attempting to package the latest version of gpc
> (gpc-980405) but it wants to be built from the gcc directory.  You can't
> start build in the gpc subdirectory (<where ever>/gcc-2.8.0/p).  Manually
> running make from the gcc-2.8.0 directory works, and gpc seems to work
> well once it is made.

Is this an example of a source dependancy, on gcc == 2.8.0, to be exact?

>From what I know about gcc sublanguages, they cannot be built without it...
Is this true? Given this, would we need to have some sort of combined
source package/maintainer thing? 

If a make from the gcc dir works for including pascal in the new gcc binary,
that would make a combined gcc/pascal package, and there are other sub-
languages too, like c++ and objc, which would get called from gcc... 

So: what if we separate out the gcc binary into its own package, which 
can get replaced by gccs which can call the pascal compiler... eww, this
can get ugly: how many combinations of sublanguages are there? Would there
need to be that many gcc front-end packages? like: gcc-objc-c++-pascal, 
gcc-cc-egcs++-pascal, gcc-cc-egcs++, etc... ugly... is there a way to have
one gcc that can have sublanguages added on the fly without recompiling?

Just a thought...

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