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Building "sublanguages" from gcc


I have the hang of building a package with deb-make and build scripts, but
I've run into a snag.  I'm attempting to package the latest version of gpc
(gpc-980405) but it wants to be built from the gcc directory.  You can't
start build in the gpc subdirectory (<where ever>/gcc-2.8.0/p).  Manually
running make from the gcc-2.8.0 directory works, and gpc seems to work
well once it is made.

The debian directory is in the gpc directory since I didn't want to
package gcc-2.8.0 and gpc.  Do I *have* to put the debian directory in the
gcc dir or is there a rules change I can add to cause the build command to
move to the previous level subdirectory before the make command is issued
(putting a cd .. in the rules file didn't work :-) )

Patrick Ouellette

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