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Re: What exactly is the order of steps to becoming a new maintainer?

Daniel Martin at cush wrote:
> tkdesk sources seem
> harder to come by, as tkdesk appears to have vanished from hamm).

Look in project/orhpaned

> Should I:
> a) post my intent to take over these packages to debian-devel

Not really necessary.

> b) inform wnpp@debian.org and the package maintainers of my desire to
>    take over these packages.


> c) send in my application to become a debian maintainer, complete with 
>    signed scan of my passport

Yes. And tell them you plan to take over these packages, too.

> d) make non-maintainer versions of these packages so that when I apply 
>    to be a maintainer I can point to these .debs to say "see, I know
>    how to make packages"

No need.

see shy jo

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