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Re: One source, two binary packages

	I have this in my directory on master (rules.tar.gz, I
 think). README follows (the tarball has HTML stuff in it too, meant
 to be dropped onto the develoers corner web page).



	Here are a set of ./debian directories. A short description
 follows. All are live debian directories frozen at the time of
 writing, complete with maintainer scripts and emacs .el files and
 menu files and all.

	All the rules files are quite similair; and since I tend to
 copy a rules file over to a new package area, all my rules files 
 tend to have a very similar look and feel. 

	This should serve well as a learning by example set. Any
 feedback (espescially patches) shall be appreciated. This is
 approximately 170K tarred and compressed, and 233K uuencoded.

miscfiles        Just a bunch of files installed in various places. A
                 bare bones minimalistic package.
cvs-buildpackage One of the simplest packages I have
kernel-package   A relatively simple package.
angband-doc      A simple derivative of the angband package rules;
                 essentially there are just help files that need to be
sgml-base        Also very simple; the only thing of possible interest
                 is in the rules file where we convert the SGML to text
                 and HTML iff the debaindoc2<blah> converters are 

make             The package I used as a learning tool; in my eyes,
                 this is ``the'' typical package. Also shows you how
                 to get HTML files into a separate package.
angband          A fairly generic makefile, with the exception that
                 there are a lot of library files involved in a
                 special heirarchy, and some of them need to be conf
                 files. The rules file does not need to know the names
                 of these files, which is good since they change often.

c2man            A simple package, except that it shows how to deal
                 with a Perl style Configure file. 
dist             A large package, which shows how to deal with a Perl
                 style Configure file.  
mailagent        A Configure style package, with a large examples dir
                 and an in place patch of the binary in the postinst.

libcgi-perl      A package to handle a typical CPAN style
                 package. This shows how to get the man pages in the
                 correct directories, and all.
pkg-order        Another CPAN style package, with an auto genearation
                 of the version.pl file based on the changelog entry.

psgml            An emacs package, with byte compilation, info files,
                 and a site-stard.d file.
vm		 Another emacs package, with the el files split into
                 another package

kernel           Complex package showing how kernel paclkages are
                 built. Not something to look at at an early stage of
                 learning about rules files. But it shows the power of
                 the rules file, and what one may do with it
latex2html       This was difficult to write, and has a few
                 interesting variations. Sets up icons in conformance
                 with the web standard; add things to the TeX

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