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Re: Autoconf/configure info

Shaleh wrote:
> Well I need it for my package and I have already done it wrong enough
> times (-=;  What I need to do is add --with/without support so that I
> can turn off whether a lib is compiled in or not.
add to your configure.in something like this:

dnl dnl is a comment ;)
AC_ARG_WITH(lib,  dnl argument to use
    [  --with-lib              compile the lib in], dnl help text
    [  ac_should_i_or_not=$withval ], dnl the case, when --with is given
    [  ac_should_i_or_not=no       ] dnl this is the default

if test "$ac_should_i_or_not" = yes; then
  echo "I should compile the lib"
  echo "I should not compile the lib"

I hope, you understood it. I can't really suggest the info pages,
but I would suggest to learn a year by your own mistakes ;-)

Greets, Stephan

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