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looking for advice on starting a package

This is my first post to this list (I know im going to be  bundle of
uninformed "newbiesque" questions....well from what I understan dthats
what this list is for so...ill begin :)
I have been tossing around the idea for a while of volunteering and
a package maintainer for debian.
I saw xfstt was "needing a new maintainer" but somoene informed me that
it has
been taken (even though it is still on the list)
Yesterday I recived an anonymous e-mail (I havn't gotten an anynymous
since um...wow...like since annon.pennet.fi closed down)
mentioning another package called xfsft..which is an X font server that
true type fonts and is suposedly better than xfstt ...so I figured
you can never have too many packages :) and there does not
apear to be a package of it or anyone working on it...
so I said "what the hell" and go tthe source....now I have some
This package is based on 2 other packages...
part being the X font server allready in the X distibution (in fact it
leaves in all
of the functionality of that font server)
and FreeType
xfstft is distributed as a few source files and a patch file which is to
be applied to
teh X font server (xfs).
would this mean I shoul dget the X source and "cut out" the source for
and get freetype and make one big binary package of xfs with all the
needed components? (I would assume yes...)
also it uses the same name (xfs) when it i finished as the original xfs
I would assume I should change its name to xfsft so that it and the
original font
server can coexist?
Are there any thoughts on this idea? possibly any thoughts on why I
or shouldn't try to package this?
suposedly this is a better TTF server than xfstt because it suports some
more things
and has all of the other functionality
(and also suports hosts of differnt "endian-types" unlike xfstt)
as for other aspects....
I have read most of the packaging manuals and all the info one should
read before
thinking of trying to package anything...
I am still iffy and unsure about how to package something (I made my own
package for a test...) but I am getting there
figure I have some time to learn that :)
any comments? ideas? advice?

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between NT 4 and Linux =-
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