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64-bit PowerPC cross-compilation [PATCH 00/12] root file system for non native boards [PATCH 01/12] No new symlinks for new board [PATCH 02/12] Dereference symbolic links in om-gta02 directory [PATCH 03/12] Dereference symbolic links in kirkwood directory [PATCH 04/12] new file: Makefile [PATCH 05/12] renamed: -> polystrap [PATCH 06/12] s/PLATFORM/BOARD/g [PATCH 07/12] renamed: -> polystrap-nb [PATCH 08/12] polystrap-nb: s/target/board/ [PATCH 09/12] polystrap is being installed [PATCH 1/3] s/PLATFORM/BOARD/ [PATCH 10/12] polystrap-binfmt a reminder [PATCH 11/12] manual pages [PATCH 12/12] git ignore the output of `make dist` [PATCH 2/3] renamed: -> polystrap-nb [PATCH 3/3] polystrap-nb: error messages reviewed [PATCH] fakechroot multiarch BR [PATCH] Informational messages to standard out [PATCH] new file: TODO Re: [PATCH] new file: TODO and new git repository on alioth Re: [Qemu-devel] utimensat trouble on mips AW: multistrap fails when aptsources not specified Bug#623484: marked as done (dpkg-cross doesn't detect libs not directly under /usr/lib) Bug#632871: Add support for cross-building perl modules Bug#632871: marked as done (Add support for cross-building perl modules) Bug#632871: Problem in dpkg-cross/perl regexp can't install utils-linux Re: cross pkgconfig Cross tag for bugs Re: Debian Social Contract devices nodes are simple files does this device run Debian? dpkg-cross_2.6.5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable early release of wrtng Re: EmDebian on a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro Re: foreign bootstrap Free code versus costs to make it Re: FWIW debian/qemu-user-static.README.Debian Re: Mailing List spamming apologies multistrap fails when aptsources not specified Re: native vs emulated configuration polystrap [PATCH] Informational messages to standard out polystrap current status - missing things polystrap current status - qemu user mode emulation and tzdata Polystrap git repository on alioth Processing of dpkg-cross_2.6.5_amd64.changes Twice PATCH 'Informational messages to standard out' utimensat trouble on mips what is missing in multistrap to build rootfs without superuser priviliges Re: Xournal on Emdebian The last update was on 06:17 GMT Thu May 30. There are 95 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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