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Re: EmDebian on a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro

Hi David!

On Vie 01 Jul 2011 05:24:46 David Goodenough escribió:
> I have not done this with a routerstation pro, but I have used the non-pro
> version.
> What I did was to build a kernel using openwrt (it has all the necessary
> patches to support the hardware) and then built a root file system on a USB
> stick using debootstrap.
> As 2GB USB sticks, or SD cards are quite cheap I have not tried doing this
> with EmDebian, but straight vanilla Debian.
> On the openwrt build I specify the USB stick on the kernel command line.
> You also want to copy the /lib directory from the openwrt build into the
> root file system, and you will probably want swconfig as well for the
> ethernet switch.
> Seems to work, even though the given wisdom is that mixing a kernel from
> one build with a root file system from another is not wise.

I did exactly the same approach, although I am still using the kernel and 
kernel modules' from debwrt.

So far I have been able to create a rootfs with multistrap, and thanks to 
Héctor who presented me qemu-*-static, I have been able to (almost) configure 
the rootfs. I still have some issues wich I'll try to solve today (I think 
they are related to setting up some variables before attempting to run dpkg --
configure -a, I remember I have read a wiki page about that).

The system boots, although I haven been able to properly mount the rootfs 
(without running dpkg --configure -a, it would mount as ro, with the not-so-
well configured rootfs I am getting a fs error).

Let's see what I can achieve today :-)

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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