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polystrap current status - qemu user mode emulation and tzdata


some updates to the qemu user mode emulation status and tzdata wrt
polystrap usage.

1. Remove copying of qemu-user-static

There was some discussion about how to best choose the qemu-user-static
binary to be copied into the created chroot environment here:


but the whole copying is unnecessary with fakeroot/fakechroot as the
qemu-user binary from the host system will be used to execute foreign
binaries. The qemu-user-static binary inside the chroot environment is
only useful for REAL chroots. With fakechroot, a call to a binary inside
the "chroot" is like a call to any other foreign binary on the system
and the binfmt mechanism will use the hosts qemu-user binary to execute
the foreign binary. So this bit was only some historic cruft I just
somehow forgot to remove after introducing fakechroot in my scripts.
Took a long time for me to spot that though... I was just so used to
copy qemu-arm-static there that I never noticed it was not needed at all

2. Using qemu with QEMU_LD_PREFIX

I can confirm that this patch:
will allow the following:

$ QEMU_LD_PREFIX=/tmp/debian-sid/ ./polystrap.sh -d /tmp/debian-sid/ om-gta02

And my /etc/qemu-binfmt/ directory is completely empty! All libraries
are directly taken from the just extracted rootfs in /tmp/debian-sid/.

Therefor this solution solves all the problems pointed out by Yann
Dirson here:

3. tzdata

Turned out, that since tzdata 2011h-1 it is no longer possible to only
supply the debconf values that are actually set for tzdata but all
values have to be supplied:

The default debconfseed.txt files for all targets are now updated to
reflect this new requirement.

have fun!

cheers, josch

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