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Re: cross pkgconfig

* Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> schrieb:

> What we want if for pkg-config to be using the same paths as the
> cross-libraries are installed to. In dpkg-cross world that is the
> triplet path, matching the cross-compiler path.

IOW: dpkg-cross can only support one target per triplet ...

The more generic solution is to use an separate sysroot image
per target (or even per build run) and let the building machinery
compute the pkg config pathes by the current sysroot prefix.

> If the triplet is not reliable for pkg-config then it's not reliable
> for cross-comiling in general, because it's also used to call the
> compiler.

No. What matters is passing the right commands/pathes.
(eg. compiler/linker commands, sysroot prefix, etc, etc).

No idea how dpkg-cross handles it, but Briegel does exactly that.

> If people have better ideas about how this should work I'm happy to
> hear them, as I'm not yet sure that the above is sufficient for all
> use-cases. 


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