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Re: EmDebian on a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro

On Thursday 30 Jun 2011, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
> Hi all!
> Starting from tomorrow, I'll be working on getting Debian/EmDebian Squeezy
> in a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro.
> While I know of debwrt [0], I think *maybe* there is another approach of
> getting this done.
> Of course, if someone has already done this or can point me to some
> doc/give me some hints, I would higly appreciate it.
> [0] <http://www.debwrt.net/>
> Kinds regards, Lisandro.
I have not done this with a routerstation pro, but I have used the non-pro

What I did was to build a kernel using openwrt (it has all the necessary
patches to support the hardware) and then built a root file system on a USB
stick using debootstrap.

As 2GB USB sticks, or SD cards are quite cheap I have not tried doing this
with EmDebian, but straight vanilla Debian.

On the openwrt build I specify the USB stick on the kernel command line.

You also want to copy the /lib directory from the openwrt build into the
root file system, and you will probably want swconfig as well for the
ethernet switch.

Seems to work, even though the given wisdom is that mixing a kernel from
one build with a root file system from another is not wise.

debwrt seems to be dead from all I can tell.


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