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early release of wrtng


I want to share with all of you  wrtng,
at least the idea of WRT New Glue.

wrtng is my attempt to combine OpenWRT and Debian.

What I want is running Debian on a low power device designed for always-on
like a wireless router, that is where OpenWRT comes in.

OpenWRT is used at hardware level. Minimal patch to OpenWRT will be
telling the kernel to use rootfs at /dev/sda1 ( not in initrd )

/dev/sda1 is the first partition on the first USB storage device.
That means wrtng requires a OpenWRT capable device with USB port(s)

The root filesystem is from Debian with addition of hardware specific
programs like network switches and WIFI setup.

wrtng is one program that does several tasks, like aptitude, apt-get
and etckeeper. It's subcommands are  init , modify , harvest & finish

Stage `wrtng finish` is like "polystrap"

wrtng is work in progress and now has an early release by this message

  git clone http://jo.stappers.nl/er/wrtng

Geert Stappers
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