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Re: Cross tag for bugs


2011/7/13 Wookey <wookey@wookware.org>:

> So, the user is "crossbuild@debian.org" and the tag is "cross". You
> always need both.
> Please tag new cross-build or cross-tool bugs accordingly.

Is there a central wiki page collecting information regarding "cross"
effort? Are we allowed to NMU cross fixes or any recommended policy to
get changes into packages?

> (sorry if I already sent a similar mail once. I thought I already did,
> but can't see it now)

Thanks for taking care of it. I vaguely remember one line post on IRC,
so probably you haven't say anything here.

I think I also asked you if patched included stages for cyclic
dependency resolution, but I vaguely remember you telling me that was
*not* the case (yet). If there a plan it would be nice to have some
site to read about it, unless I have missed it.

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