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Free code versus costs to make it

Hi !
Readed about debian's intention to stay
100% as an open source code, and generally I support the idea.
Open source community drives OS's architecture further.
However - me, as a developer / contributor, cannot work for free to make some
package for debian.
Alternatives to solve this problem is to make some product based on debian
and sell it, and some parts of that work distribute back to debian itself.
(Whole work cannot be distributed, since company will loose it's competitivness
and loose market to another company).
But I was wondering how you're working on debian - on some evening time ?
or do you receive some money for improving debian and placing it into open source community ?
I had also some ideas about using intermixture approach - like
I'm writing closed source code and set it's price. (How much I think it costs and how much
I've put hours into that work).
Anyone can make same source code as I did by themselves, or buy my own source code "license"
from me. In case if they buy source code from me - it reduces my investment into source code, and
eventually makes my source code open again for public eyes.
"Almost free" idea refers of starting with closed/propriatory code till it becomes open
due to people are investing money to make it open source code.
Now I'm also wondering whether I have reinvented some wheel which was invented already...
Have a nice day!

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