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Re: Polystrap git repository on alioth

> Hereby I volunteer for Debian packaging  polystrap.
checkout the debian branch in the git repository to see how far my
attempts at that are and as usual feel free to add improvements.

But also note, that I talked with wookey yesterday and he said that the
polystrap functionality might as well be allowed to be implemented into
multistrap. He will look into it at some point in the feature.

20:40 < wookey> If it's not too gross then I think there are good reasons to merge functionality. We have far too many foo-straps already
20:41 < wookey> We should avoid making new ones unless it really is necessary
20:42 < wookey> OK. well, if everyone apart from neil thinks it's a good idea then it might happen :-)
20:42 < wookey> OK, pity. I will try to take a look in next couple of weeks and maybe re-start the argument :-)

If this is the case, a polystrap debian package will of course not be
needed. Unfortunately I was creating the debian branch before talking to
him :)

So just dont spend too much effort on it.

In any case - fixing fakeroot and fakechroot with multiarch support will
still benefit whatever the outcome of the above.

Let me also shortly note, that I checked out fakeroot-ng which was
advertised to also wrap the open() call and by that also be able to fake
a chroot like fakechroot. Unfortunately it doesnt fit my/our purpose as
it uses ptrace (instead of LD_PRELOAD). While using ptrace has some
advantages, it also has the disadvantage of requiring CAP_SYS_PTRACE
which will mostly require superuser priviliges again and hence is not
serving the whole "build without superuser priviliges" idea.

cheers, josch

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