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[Help] Transition "Link in /usr/doc/" Bits from the QA bit bucket (aka moving QA to svn) Re: Bug#357020: dict-wn: could not be installed when runningalternative for dictd Bug#374135: developer.php doesn't support grouping for some packages Bug#376252: DDPO: watch column has same version but is magenta Bug#377282: mail to pkg@PTS not delivered to maintainer by default Bug#377673: developer.php: task view support Bug#377673: marked as done (developer.php: task view support) Bug#377866: a way to display packages and tags for each email address Bug#378552: marked as done (package overview for any email) Bug#378552: package overview for any email Bug#378972: marked as done ( mia-history does not work) Bug#378972: mia-history does not work Bug#379063: DDPO: include data about versions in Ubuntu Bug#380440: ddpo: could use all uids on key for regularly maintained Bug#380575: RM: passivetex -- RoM; RC buggy, almost no users Bug#380631: Fwd: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender Can you call us today? cool stuff at EDOS - collaboration ideas Does anyone object to a request of removal of sfio or doxymacs? gpdf: remove? security hole open for this long? Is passivetex still being maintained? Job request Juan Alvarez MIA? Orphan 'prips'? Re: messagewall - remove from debian or not? Muscular students. New QA members Pavel Wiecek appears to be MIA Re: Please check if these packages should be removed Pre-Depends on old dpkg version Processed: Re: Bug#376252: DDPO: watch column has same version but is magenta Processed: retitle 368373 to PTS should get -security-announce stuff too in web interface Processed: retitle 380631 to do not require approved header for emails to tags Processed: severity of 374135 is wishlist Processed: tagging 261990 Processed: Updating my maintainer address Removal of electric Remove websieve? RM: iceme, icepref -- RoQA; orphaned, outdated RM: kimberlite -- RoQA; orphaned, unused, dead upstream RM: mgapdesk -- RoQA; orphaned, RC-buggy RM: nsmon -- RoQA; orphaned, no upstream, better alternatives RM: psys -- RoQA; orphaned, unused RM: rfb -- RoQA; orphaned, no upstream, alternatives available RM: uncc -- RoQA; orphaned, unusable Second follow-up to "52 packages it would be nice to remove" taking over a neglected RC-buggy package Re: Version 1.8 package available A wish for the Package-Tracking-System The last update was on 06:00 GMT Sun May 26. There are 102 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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