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Bug#374135: qa.debian.org: developer.php doesn't support grouping for some packages

Re: Michael Koch 2006-06-17 <20060617130312.21140.53510.reportbug@asterix.konqueror.de>
> developer.php doesn't support grouping of packages maintained by the
> user. For example when you look at
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=konqueror@gmx.de you see
> several packages in the "main" group. I wanted to group the packages
> "eris", "wftk", "mercator" and some others into a special group
> "worldforge". Thats not possible as developer.php handles the packages
> maintained by me differently then packages not maintained by me on this
> page.


I am im favor of implementing something like that, but since DDPO
should also work as a means for other people than the maintainer to
get an overview of someone's packages, I don't want to change the
default view.

Could you try using a your debian.org account and then subscribing to
packages? I believe it should give a fairly decent approximation of
your requested view.

I've just tried that for my packages:

The downside is that it doesn't automatically add new packages.

(FTR, you can subscribe to a login name using the "uploader" category,
in your case, that's not necessary as your uploads are connected to
your debian.org address anyway.)

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