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Re: [Help] Transition "Link in /usr/doc/"

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> Agreed; It is my understanding that it is wrong to put such
> functionality in the {pre,post}rm scripts, because then the /usr/doc/
> link will exist (minimally) until the package is removed or upgraded
> (all 4 scripts are called at some point during a successful upgrade).

That's why I want this to be dealt with before etch.
>From Joey Hess' mail:
	"Note that once this transition is complete we will need to do
	something in base-files to remove the /usr/doc directory, if it
	is empty.  It won't be empty in all cases, for example a user
	might have non-debian or old packages that have not transitioned
	still installed. This bug can be reassigned to base-files to
	deal with that last step once it is no longer blocked by any
	other bugs".

I just need to find those packages that once did the "ln -s" trick.

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