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Re: [Help] Transition "Link in /usr/doc/"

ke, 2006-07-19 kello 13:13 +0200, Amaya kirjoitti:
> Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > Yep, piuparts does check for it, and there's been bugs reported based
> > on it, though not too many. See #375727 or #338238 for example.
> Do you keep a logfile of what was filed and when? 
> I need to assign appropiate blockers for the transition bug.

has a list of all bugs found by piuparts.

> > Piuparts log file processing has been slow lately, because of changes
> > in my work situation, but is revving up again. A few people (hi Hanna!
> > hi Annabelle! hi Daniel!) have promised to help a bit. After they're
> > up to speed, we'll see if there's more people needed, and if there
> > are, I'll ask for them.
> Count me in!

I'll mail you privately about this, thanks.

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